Application Error 0xc0000005 in Windows 10

If you are here, you most probably are at the end of your wits and immensely exhausted of trying to make your computer application(s) work. Do not worry, you have come to the right place. This page enlists four of the best methods in detail that you can use to solve the problem.

The first thing you need to understand is that Application Error 0xc0000005 definitely is not the end of your computer. It is in fact frequently encountered by a lot of people and can be fixed completely with a little bit of patience and some simple steps.

While it is quite tempting to jump right to the solution part after all the frustration you have been through, we strongly recommend you understand the error generated by your computer and the reason(s) behind it.

It will really help you in the longer run to make sure that you do not encounter this issue again; if you do, you know beforehand that it has solutions, thus, saving yourself from going through all the vexation over again.

How to Fix Application Error 0xc0000005 in Windows 10

Application Error 0xc0000005 can be caused by many underlying issues, the most probable being your PC being unable to correctly process the settings and(or) files required to run a specific program or installation. Insufficiency of RAM, corrupt system files and incorrect settings are some of the causes that can add up to the problem.

You might want to run SFC (System File Checker) to find the files that have become corrupt by running Command Prompt as Administrator and executing sfc /scannow. This process can take anything from a few minutes to a few hours, depending upon the amount of data stored on your computer.

After that, you can Restart the computer to see if the problem still persists. This command should have identified the corrupt files and replaced them. However, pretty much all the time, not even the Command Prompt can be opened without a lot of hassle when this error has been triggered.

Fret not, we are here to walk you the steps of fixing this problem, let’s dive into the solution. Here are four ways you can resolve this problem.

Method 1: Halt DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

Data Execution Prevention comprises a sequence of security methods developed by Microsoft that can be taken to safeguard code execution from drives and memory segments that are non-executable. Contrarily, it ends up being the cause of the problem you are finding solutions for.

You can either contact the developer’s team for software alteration and authentication, or follow the given steps to deactivate Data Execution Prevention.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R together to open the Run window.

Step 2: Type the keyword system.cpl and press the Enter Key. At this point, you should be able to see the System Properties on your screen.

Step 3: Select the Advanced tab and click on the Settings button under Performance. This will open Performance Options.

Step 4: Select the Data Prevention Execution tab.

Step 5: Click on Turn on DEP for all services except those I select and then click on the Add button.

Step 6: Browse the list to find the application that caused the error and check that box.

Step 7: Click on the Apply button and then finally click on the OK button.

Method 2: Refurbishing Windows

Minor issues can be overcome by updating Windows. However, corrupt files may lead to Windows Update Not Working error. Hence, the remainder option is to refurbish Windows. This can be achieved by the good old System Restore. This is one of the best and ultimate solutions to many errors.

It might take hours to do this, depending upon various factors like the number of corrupt files and memory that you want to preserve, yet, this method gives those desired results which many other methods fail to. The following steps should be enough to get you started with the process.

Step 1: In the File Explorer, right click on This PC, and select Properties.

Step 2: On the left of the window, locate and click on Advanced System Settings. This should open the System Properties.

Step 3: Select the System Protection tab and click on the System Restore button.

Step 4: Follow the instructions that appear on your screen and opt for the Restoration Point for restoring your computer settings and file to those when it was working fine.

Method 3: Eradication of Bad RAM 

Flaws in the RAM might generate Application Error 0xc0000005. If you have purchased a new RAM, and are still facing the same error, there is a great chance you can fix it. Below are the steps to follow.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that all chords and cables have been disconnected after Step 1. If you are applying this procedure to a laptop, remove its battery.

Step 1: Shut Down your computer.

Step 2: Pull out the newly installed RAM carefully.

Step 3: Restart the computer.

The error should vanish.

Method 4:  Setting Up Or Repairing Registries

Frequently downloading files, repetitive installation, uninstallation, partial installation might lead to corruption of registries, which in turn results in generation of Application Error 0xc0000005.

The point to note here is that working with registries requires a lot of precision, as it contains sensitive and significant amounts of data about software, hardware, applications, etc.

You can use third party software like CCleaner to fix such issues.

Step 1: Download CCleaner software.

Step 2: Install and Run the application.

Step 3: On the left panel, find and click on Registry. Then select Scan for issues to inspect the registries.

Step 4: The application will show the corrupted registries.

Step 5: Click on Fix Selected Issues to fix these registries and close the application after the process is complete.

Step 6: Restart your computer.

The above steps have worked for most people. Yet if your problem has not been resolved, you might consider Reset Your PC option, which will make your computer as new as it was when you purchased it, in terms of software.

One downside to this approach is that though you can keep the files you created, you will lose your applications, hence, requiring them to be downloaded and installed again.


Errors like this can cause a lot of inconvenience and sometimes loss of valuable data. Though most people can solve the issue using the above steps, there are cases where due to too much file corruption and virus attacks, repair has been possible only by paying visits to software experts.

Hence, it is always recommended to have sufficient RAM according to your needs and a good antivirus software installed on your computer. Always think before you forcefully take an action you have been warned against by your antivirus software.

Create Restoration Points, they can work wonders later. Keep your applications updated to prevent bugs and to increase performance levels. Do not put too much load on the C drive, it can slow down your computer. Data is very valuable; you do not need to lose all your work while fixing an obstinate error; always backup your data.

If you run into problems, do not ignore it, troubleshoot it. Following these measures are necessary for a healthy computer.

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