10 Best Alternatives to Anilinkz For Watching Anime

If you’re here reading this, then I assume you’ll know that Anime is a form of Japanese animation, in which the elements and art are usually hand drawn and animated using the computer, and the word anime is basically a short-form of the word animation, which is used in a broad sense to describe animated works, without taking into consideration, its origins.

Anime has a way of visual storytelling through which people tend to watch it either for its storyline, the values that they may teach, the different cultures, religions and traditions, for the emotions it portrays and makes you feel or just for the fun of it.

It’s made in a way to be popular between all ages, catering to the ages depending on its vast genres.

Recently, a popular website (Made popular by you all, of course), Anilinkz, that used to let users stream the anime they liked for free, faced its downfall in the popularity index and number of visitors because of its constant redirection towards different advertisements.

Even though you can still access the site, it wouldn’t be worth it since it takes much of your time, and takes away your streaming freedom through the redirects.


The site is still operational under the name aniwatcher.com in current times, but it still hasn’t resolved its advertisement and pop up problems, but keeping its problems aside, it still does have some good anime for you to stream.

But would you rather use your time navigating through redirect ads and pop ups, when you could instead relax, grab some food and drink, and enjoy your show without any interruptions?

But, if you’re still adamant on using Anilinkz, we won’t stop you, but do give our below alternatives a consideration, since we only want what’s best for you.


Due to the competition created from the premium sites that require you to pay to stream anime for a particular amount of time like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu, just to name a few, free anime streaming sites have been created by many who want to enter the competition and earn a name for themselves, for the good service they provide towards the community.

Best part being that you get to stream the premium site’s anime as well without going through the hassle of payment. All the free alternatives ask for is for you to sign up so that you can receive notifications on your favorite animes (depending on the site, as some sites let you stream without signing up or registering).

Most of you who used the website,Anilinkz, might’ve gone Nani!!!(Whaaat), when you heard about or have seen its recent shortcomings, but don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. With this being said, we present to you, THE 10 BEST ALTERNATIVES TO ANILINKZ, of course, with their “LINKZ” for easier access through our site.

1. Animefreak.Tv   

Animefreak.tv provides a service in which you can stream your anime in HD, and for free at that. It showcases a good collection of Anime from A to Z, while updating itself with every release along with that, it also has Manga for you to read so that you can get that “Otaku” experience.

Aside from that, it’s an easily accessible site, because of its popularity and is registered as a .TV top level domain. So you know we aren’t bluffing when we add it to this list.

Not only that, the site operates smoothly on devices like smartphones and tablets. Although it does have a few advertisements, you’ll be able to navigate through it with ease and comfort, since it is also neatly organized and placed for you, the streamers, convenience. So what are you waiting for, give this site a try and see for yourself.

2. Chia Anime

This site is on this list because of the variety of options it provides in streaming free anime.

It has a great number of anime for you to stream, organized in a proper and efficient manner, while at the same time offering other options like Anime Soundtracks, Asian Drama and Anime Mobile, which shows that it’s also properly designed for mobile use, so that you can stream wherever you are.

What’s more, its tagged its genres with more than 24 genres to choose from. Although it does have a small print of its anime titles which makes it a little difficult to read, don’t be fooled, because the end result of being able to stream without any problems, makes this site worth using as an alternative.

It also allows you to download the anime you want to watch, so that you can enjoy it at your own leisure.

3. Anime Take

This best feature about this site is that it doesn’t have any ads, that’s how it paved its way to this list. The site has an easy to use interface with a visually appealing color coding, but besides that, this is site is famous between the anime community with a vast showcase of anime, and it is also rated based by the age limit it targets.

But, before trying this site, I suggest you use a Virtual Private Network or VPN, as it’s called, in order to browse this site, since it needs one to work at its fullest potential.

4. GoGoAnime

Gogo anime is one of the go to sites for streaming free anime, but not only limited to Japanese Anime, but also Chinese styled Anime and also the anime that are stream only on premium websites.

It keeps itself up to date with the daily anime releases.It offers a plethora of anime and anime movies to choose from, with about 44 genres that caters to your liking. Apart from that, your anime can be streamed on different video servers that offers multiple video qualities and allows you to download them for personal use. Subbed or dubbed, that choice goes to you.

The anime are also subdivided by the seasons of the Japanese year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and by the year, so navigation through this site becomes a breeze. Aside from all of these good features, the site constantly changes its domain name, so you’ll need to be updated with its changes.

5. Anime Lab

Anime Lab is a free streaming premium site, yes, you read that right. It’s a free premium site that operates only for the countries of Australia and New Zealand, which simulcasts directly from Japan.

It does offer a premium paid plan, but you may watch popular anime like Hunter x Hunter, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, to name a few, for free. The site is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

This is also a site in which you’ll need a VPN to access, since a VPN can bypass certain walls by rerouting your IP location to any favorable country. Anime Lab also has its own app to for smartphone or tablet use.

6. Anime

9Anime has made its way onto this list, because this site, is unique and it also has a “get a random anime option”, which is a good element that allows the site to surprise you.

The way this site is made shows a professional look to it, filled with its accumulation of anime, the streaming options and of course, the organization of its anime to make it easier for you to use, while you enjoy your streaming privileges as your search for your anime.

The interesting part about this site is that it has multiple links to access the same site, so if one link doesn’t work, you can always switch to the other.

7. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is a must, if you really consider yourself an avid anime streamer and Manga reader.

Not only does it offer 45000 legal anime, but, it also has reviews, your favorite characters, top lists of Anime or Manga, streaming and reading challenges and you get the chance to join a community of a million members, share your thoughts and make friends in the process.

8. GoGo Animes

Although it does have a similar logo to that of the predecessor in this list, gogo animes is different, with that being that it has a broader classification when it comes to genres and also the way the site is presented.

It contains all your go to anime and anime movies, while still being able to offer the services as that of a premium site. It also explains the anime details, rating and origin country when hovering the cursor over the anime, also showing the quality in which it can be streamed.

9. Kiss Anime

If you watch anime by yourself, or with your friends, the name of this site might have popped up at some point of your life. Kiss Anime has gained its popularity and made a name for itself in the anime community, which is how it has now earned its place and reached this list.

Kiss anime offers a huge amount of anime to stream, along with an easy to use and navigate interface, with all the options placed conveniently so that you can find and stream your anime without facing any problems.

You even have an opportunity to become part of a vast community and exchange your ideas with each other, thus making you more knowledgeable in the field of anime. You can download from this site at higher speeds than usual.

The site keeps a check of your streaming behavior and accordingly suggests the type of anime based on your tastes. After all, it works to please your streaming needs.

10. Anime Simple

Anime made simple. Everything about this site is designed to bring you the easiest and simplest way to find your anime.

You can search for the anime you want to watch by specifying the search results using the filters Type, Premiered, Year, Language, its status and its genre. This site could be seen as the “Layman Terms” of all free anime streaming sites, for its simplistic and down to earth search options.

Just like 9Anime,it has a random anime suggestion, so that you can allow yourself to be treated to the good anime.


Well, the answer to this is simple. You use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN’s can help in watching from anime sites that aren’t accessible in your country, or aren’t accessible without a VPN.

For example, sites like Anime Take and Anime Lab, won’t work at your country’s IP Address, because of either limitations from the broadcasting company’s or site’s geographical reach, or from the site’s restrictions itself, to target a particular group of users.

There are sites mentioned above that do cater to your basic anime needs, but its overall safer to use a VPN since it masks or conceals your original IP Address with the IP Address that you choose.


First, before we get into the details of what a VPN is, and the great benefits it can offer, lets first look at what an IP Address is. For those who don’t know, an IP Address is short for Internet Protocol Address, which is an identification number that is linked to a specific computer or a network of computers.

Whenever you connect your computer to the internet, the IP address allows the computer to send and receive information. It can even be used to pinpoint and track your specific location.

To prevent yourself from being tracked, VPN’s exist. A VPN or Virtual Private Network, lets you get around restrictions, while safeguarding you by encrypting the data you send through the internet, so potential hackers and advertisements are redirected from your IP Address to a location you can choose.

Think of it as Doreamon’s Anywhere Door (A popular anime), but for your IP Address. It can be used to access restricted sites as well, giving you, the user, ultimate freedom in what you want to see on the internet without having the fear of being traced.

In case you feel like purchasing a VPN service, here are some of the best ones as of 2020.After all, we always got you covered.

  • Express VPN
  • SurfShark
  • Nord VPN
  • IPVanish
  • CyberGhost


While we have provided you with the best alternatives for Anilinkz, we respect whatever decision you make. Whether you choose to stick with Anilinkz or check out these 10 best alternatives, it’s entirely up to you. We want only what’s best for you, so that you can stream without going through constant redirects and pop-ups.

VPN’s exist for people like you, who deserve to have unrestricted internet freedom and the finer things in life, while at the same time keeping you safe, secure, and at leisure, always.

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