10 Best Alternatives to AnimeFreak For Watching Anime

Anime Freak is a website fundamentally designed for entertainment that contains Dubbed and Subbed Anime episodes. People use it as an entertainment platform for themselves. It is now available at Google Play Store as well and is mostly used by Kids and Teenagers as a purpose of entertainment in their free time.

The website therefore streams the dubbed and subbed episodes for free. The website has a lot of traffic involved that makes it quiet convoluted but it has great content to present. Latest Episodes are updated on daily basis for users easy access. Not only this, but also, the website provides “MANGA” that is a written drama, written and read from right to left, top to bottom likewise Japanese Writing.

10 Best Alternatives to AnimeFreak For Watching Anime

It provide different categories of drama episodes categorized in alphabetical order from A to Z allowing user an easy access to the content. People can listen, watch and read in Englisg (the most used language on this platform).

Also, the website provides different categories like, Home, Anime List, Read Manga, Watch Drama and Contact Details all sub divided into categories like, Anime List, Browse by Genre, Anime A – Z, Latest Episode, Latest Anime,  Popular Anime and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This makes the website run easily and trafficked.


Chia Anime is an Alternative for Anime Freak was founded on 1 January 2009. It’s data is said to be superior than other alternatives as it provides HD quality and the content is easily available on YouTube for free covering everything that is latest, no matter popular or not.

Likewise Anime Freak, Chia Anime provides most popular and latest episodes in an Hierarchy displaying categories Anime Index, Anime Movie, Manga List, Anime Soundtrack, Special Anime Mobile Drama and Asian Anime Drama. Asian Anime Drama is the Most searched and watched content on this website with sorted genre list.

This website is built specially for entertainment and is accessible globally, showcasing every bit of Japanese Culture, Fun , Thriving Community and Frivolous entertainment in the form of attractive cartoons and animations. The website assures that the customer should experience high quality content and fast updates.

The best part about this site it can be downloaded into MP4 format,  making it compatible with a variety of electronic devices  like smart phones, laptops and other handheld devices as well.


  1. 9 Anime is another alternative website for anime. It is considered to be the most flooded or submerged site for anime viewers. Being a self paced site, the content provided is maximal, of good quality and is available for free. Anyone can binge watch it anytime from anywhere.

The site allows users across the globe to use the website without restrictions of license. The website is termed as insane by its users allowing them to access quick filter for more relevant search and provides multiple languages for better experience. In other words, it is an all inclusive website for anime enjoyer.

It s user friendly as it is categorized and arranged for their need and satisfaction. It includes, Genre, Last Updated, On Going, Newest, Types, Scheduled, Request and F Movies that contains various sub categories showcasing anime. A FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) Box is there to clear all doubts of a user if any.


Materani.me is a famous alternative platform. It provides Series, Movies and TV shows online in HD quality for free. The site’s content language is English as the videos and subtitles are English Oriented.

If the user wants to watch content they have to register themselves for free on the website to watch all episodes. Not only this but the site also has rating system so that the user can watch content after sorting the best one.

Comments and Reviews are also implemented for more amazing experiences and connecting the anime lovers over a platform indirectly. A tracker is the main highlight of this site as one can start watching from where they left previously.

Various options are provided to make it easy for an user to find content of their interest. The website closes or shuts down for a period of time when basically they start pirating the stuff or the stuff is not legal.


Anime Season basically carries a low profile interface. Neither is it heavily trafficked, nor does it tend to be more user friendly as it does not provides various options and access to users like other interface.

The user has access to watch content for a longer duration with quality of series depending on user’s internet connection. Although, the user is allowed to change the quality of content as per their preference but they are not allowed to roll the advertisements.

The website does not bombard the option of different categories to make their user confused, they keep it as simple as they can. The user therefore, has access to binge watch interested contents and  keep a track of a popular anime drama and to look after on going shows.


Anime Lab is the fast tracked platform of anime in Japan. It is a free of cost platform with latest and trending episodes hitting exclusively anime lovers in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. It is available on Google Play Store and any user can watch it conveniently on their choice of device like PC, Mobile phones, etc.

Anime Lab has covered all the famous platform to showcase the best anime content ever. The user can serve content without boundaries for their area of interest. Likewise other platforms or websites it is legally permitted and certified.


Kiss Anime is a globally accessed website to surf and watch high quality anime content from a very long time. The site offers latest content to users if they are interested and prefer to stay connected.

The content offered by Kiss anime is up to mark for global sharing. It contains a long list of genres to be watched by one and has a record of all old and new dramas. It serves highest TRP drama to the world and keeps it’s viewers engaged in it’s website. The user needs to have a good internet connection and interest to watch it.


GOGO Anime.se is another platform for anime streaming content. This platform I provides both paid and free episodes as per user preference providing a wide range of languages. It provides higher quality content that includes massive library that consists of Manga,  Dubbed Episodes, On Going, & Latest Episodes.

An user has access to comment, compliment and recommend the  website’s beautiful interface to anime lovers, they can also present their views and chat in the comment section. There are various genres like horror, drama, kids, action, romance, mystery and many others to keep a viewer engage and increase traffic on website.

The platform provides contact details for users to raise query, also, the email is provided for details and business query. There is no statement for temporary shutdown but due to website maintenance the website was closed for few months.


AniLinkZ is another alternative to watch Anime Drama for free of cost. This site has a 5 star rating by its viewers as it is way too easy to use and user friendly.

The user can download the content of their choice  by just registering themselves on the platform to stream high quality and fast streaming & browsing  contents without limitations.

It also includes core features such as a vast database, regular updates with new stuff, multiple categories, and much more. All in all, it is one of the best options for all anime lovers.

The site provides a FAQ( Frequently Asked Question)s to deal with queries, chat box to discuss about any drama or it’s episodes.


Anime Stream.TV was developed due to increase in demand for content by anime lovers. This site provides the anime content across the world with fast updates and latest content. The various options like, Home, Anime Movie, On Going, English Sub, English Hub, A – Z List and Request Anime are provided by the interface.

The Request Anime Option Provides user to find a drama of their choice if they fail to surf it over the site. No other site provides this particular feature to ease access to their users.

The website involves a huge traffic but runs smoothly and is up to mark. It also allows one to Live track, stream and download a new episode on the date of it’s release.


Crunchyroll is an alternative as well as leading platform for anime content. It is the leading and updated platform proving a wide range of episodes, series , manga and  Asian Drama. Any drama released is firstly found on this site dubbed and subbed in different languages.

The site offers good content to it’s users and  is bug free. The content found on this site is both free and paid with a slight difference of being ad free.

Free content contains multiple adds and quiet inferior quality of content than the paid one and it does not provide a wider range of content, whereas the premium or paid content is ad free and provides superior quality of content to anime lovers.

Crunchyroll being the trafficked site is more user friendly and it provides user a friendly access over various platforms like iphone, ipad, Android, Set top boxes, Kindle and many more.


Anime Drama the most popular drama globally when provided by such amazing websites is a matter of high competition among the companies. Each and every interface provides almost same content but the way of presenting the content is different. Some sites provide their content over different platforms like Apple TV, Google Play Store, iphone, ipad, Android, Kindle, etc. and some sites just have a website for the content they provide.

Although, each company assures to provide the best quality video, content, drama, manga, series and episodes but the  truth is that only few Interface provide what they promise. Almost every site has same options and is user friendly but the more user friendly or the one site which is ruling over this tough competition is Crunchyroll.

Anime lovers have got various interfaces to enjoy and binge watch as per their preference and time from anywhere covering all sort of contents they want in different genres. Therefore, the 10 Alternative Sites along with Anime Freak are the main competitors from Japan, spread and loved by the global population for the services they provide to an user.

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