15 Best Sites like Cartoon Crazy

We all enjoy watching cartoons. Some of us are too busy to watch cartoons. In our hectic life, it is tough to find time to watch cartoons, but we all enjoy them.

We all have a child inside us who wishes to watch cartoons. Cartoons never fail to entertain us. However, cartoons are no longer widely broadcast on television. Perhaps you will not see a cartoon that you enjoy. So, what are your options in this situation?

Don’t worry, since we’re here to help you find the greatest places to watch cartoons online in 2021. There is never a good time to watch cartoons, whether it is day or night.

It’s a wonderful stress reliever that always makes us feel better. Cartoon Crazy is a website where you can view cartoons, but what if it is unavailable? So, what are your options? Of course, consider the alternatives.

Because they are pirated sites, they are vulnerable to being taken down. This happens rather frequently, and some people must deal with it. If you’re having trouble with your website, you can use this VPN service instead of looking for an alternative.

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Cartoon Crazy Top 15 Websites in 2022

Around the world, many people like watching cartoons. In fact, many people are watching a cartoon right now as you read this post! So, why are you the odd man out?

These 15 finest websites are the actual stuff, just like a cartoon. Every day, you may watch your favourite cartoons for free online. So, without going into any more detail about the piece, let’s get to the meat of it.

1. YouTube

You’re probably laughing, but this is true. It’s a fantastic and widely used platform, so you probably already have it on your phone. The majority of people visit YouTube at least once every day. Did you realise YouTube contains cartoons as well?

If not, then it certainly does. Any type of animation can be found on YouTube for the user or viewer to enjoy. The quality of the offered cartoons is particularly impressive. You can use the search bar to look for any animation you want.

2. KissCartoon

The next on the list is KissCartoon. It’s a fantastic website where you may view cartoons for free. This website also offers a personalised cartoon viewing experience. You may view cartoons and other movies without having to register.

The cartoons are likewise of good quality. Everything is completely free. What more could you ask for? If you choose, you may also binge anime. You will never be bored on this website because it offers so much stuff.

3. KissAnime

You may have already heard about this one. It is the world’s largest anime website. This is also completely free, allowing users to view anime and cartoons all day long without spending any money. It has a wide variety of cartoons and anime.

There will never be a time when the user is without options. You can also make a request for a certain anime or cartoon (if it is not on the site). You can also choose from a wide range of video quality options. The website’s user interface is also good and user-friendly. 4. Movie4u

There are no advertisements or pop-ups on this website. Yes, it is completely free. We are not deceiving you. This may seem a reach, yet no other anime website is free of pop-up advertisements. It’s a fantastic place to watch anime and cartoons.

The user interface is appealing to the eye and intuitive to use. The cartoons provided here are also in HD quality. If you enjoy high-resolution images, you will enjoy this. You should look into this one because it comes highly recommended.

4. GoGoAnime

This is a different anime website. This is completely free, so there is no need to spend any money. All you need is a reliable internet connection to get started. This website’s user interface is simple and straightforward.

You can also get free anime downloads to watch later. If you have the time, you may also watch them online. It has a large collection and can accommodate any type of cartoon or anime. The site is updated on a regular basis, so you can stay up with the latest releases. This one is fantastic.

5. FMovies

It has a wide range of film styles. It is commonly used to view movies, but it may also be used to watch animated films. Do not be alarmed if there are no cartoon films listed on the home page. The movies are kept in their own section.

It is a well-known website for streaming movies in general. Here you can find Wonder Park, Easter Land, and a variety of other animations. Cartoons are also of good quality. This is completely free, so you may take use of it without breaking the bank.

6. Cartoons Online

We recognise the odd name, but it literally asks you to watch cartoons online. You may watch cartoons online right here. It features a large number of western cartoons. They also have some of the classic animation movies that are tough to get by. You may easily and for free stream them.

7. AnimesOn

This is one of the best locations to watch cartoons online. This is a free service that allows you to view cartoons and anime online. Many people use and access it from all over the world. It is compatible with cellphones, iPads, and desktops.

As a result, you can watch cartoons online at any time. The website is clear and self-explanatory. All of your favourite cartoons, such as Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, and others, are available here. It’s like reminiscing about your childhood. 9. 123Movies

This is a fantastic platform. It was regarded as one of the greatest websites for watching cartoons and anime. However, because of the continual changes in their domain name, it has recently become a concern. Don’t get us wrong: it’s still a good site.

You can definitely utilise it if you can deal with the frequent changing. It offers a large number of free cartoons. The video quality is excellent as well. The main issue is that things are always changing, which some individuals find annoying.

8. WatchFree

This is an excellent site for watching free cartoons. WatchFree is right in the name. So it should go without saying that nothing on this site requires payment. It has a large number of cartoons. They regularly update their library, giving you a wide range of choices.

You’ll never be bored again. The only disadvantage of this website is the excessive volume of advertisements. If you plan on visiting this website, make sure to download an ad blocker first, or the annoying pop-ups will ruin your entire cartoon viewing experience.

9. ToonJet

Toon Jet is one of the best places to go online to watch cartoons. It has a classic cartoon collection. Here you will find all of the old and new cartoons. It’s also completely free, so you won’t have to worry about the cost of entertainment.

Simply look for your favourite cartoon and start watching. Here you will find Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Betty Bolo, Mickey Mouse, and many other classic cartoons. They’re just waiting for you to take advantage of them. Make them proud!

10. NickToons

This is now our official favourite website for watching cartoons, and we mean cartoons. This is a website that all cartoon fans should visit. It features all of the cult favourites as well as brand new animations. It’s also completely free.

All of your favourite shows are packed together. Sponge Bob, Avatar, and a slew of other cartoons may be found here. Anyone and everyone is welcome to visit. There aren’t any issues with using this website.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. This is used by people from all over the world.

11. Disney JuniorĀ 

It’s an excellent spot for cartoon viewing. Do we really need to explain this because it’s Disney? If you’re curious, it’s also free. The website’s layout is very simple, and the user experience is straightforward.

Streaming of several Disney cartoons is available here. On the website, you may watch Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Barbie, and other cartoons. It’s like a cartoon paradise for kids of all ages.

The only disadvantage is that this website has been blocked in various countries throughout the world. However, you may always access and utilise it over a VPN.

12. AnimeToon

It contains a large number of animated cartoons for people to enjoy. Here you may view cartoons and movies. There are numerous cartoon and anime genres to choose from. Drama, action, adventure, humour, and so on.

We’ve got everything. It’s a fantastic option that’s simple to use. Yes, you can use this one for free as well. The website is simple to use and utilise. You will not become disoriented by the site’s features.

It is used by many people, and they all enjoy it. We are confident that you will enjoy it as well. Go try!

13. 9Anime

Do not dismiss this simply because it is the last item on the list. It does not imply that it is bad or ineffective. 9anime is a fantastic site for watching free cartoons. It has an archive of classic cartoons as well as the most recent anime.

The quality of the cartoons and anime offered here is outstanding. Talk about great resolution, and it’s all for free. What more could we possible want? If you wish to, you may quickly create an account and then watch your favourite cartoons.


We hope you found this information to be helpful. We made every effort to list all of the top cartoon websites available. Of course, there are many more sites like this, but we only trust the best. It is entirely dependent on your unique preferences and tastes.

So, if you don’t like one of them, you may go to another. Keep in mind that they are illegal, therefore they may be unavailable momentarily. In the meantime, you can obtain your daily dosage of cartoons from any other website.

We hope you like the post and the options, and that you discovered your ideal website. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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