15 Best Alternatives to DownloadHub For Downloading Movies

Who doesn’t like to watch movies without Ads and also FREE? In these hard times of Covid when you can’t hang out with your friends and not watch movies in Theatre, you definitely have an alternative, DownloadHub.

Imagine going to a Buffet and getting all the worldwide cuisines on the menu, that is DownloadHub of movies. DownloadHub is an illegal online website that helps in downloading movies for free. This is a very popular website for downloading movies as it provides Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed movies and many other. The wide range of movies and TV Shows provided by this website makes it different from all the other websites. While downloading movies from this website one will realize how little advertisement bugs compared to other websites.

How to Download movies from DownloadHub?

DownloadHub provides a torrent link to download movies as it is pirated site, not legal, so it does not host movies on their sever directly. One will definitely need to use VPN or any other proxy site to open the link as it will give access to download movies from DownloadHub.

However, as we are now acquainted to the fact that this is a pirated site and of course not legal and it is also responsible for leaking big movies online like Life of Pi which is why it has a risk of getting shut down any day. There is no certainty that this website will continue providing us its wide range of movies and TV Shows in various languages. We cannot rely on a relationship which does not have a future, right? We need alternative of this downloading website. Let’s give a look at the alternatives of DownloadHub.

DownloadHub Alternatives 2020:

Here is a list of downloading sites that are the best alternative of DownloadHub in case it doesn’t work tomorrow. These are all free websites which provides wide range of movies and can be downloaded easily. So, let’s look ahead.

1. Filmyhit

FilmyHit is another very famous website to download Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tollywood movies and also Punjabi movies for free. FilmyHit is not only a movie download website but also online streaming platform.

This website allows to download Hollywood movies in English as well as in Hindi audio. Movies can be downloaded from this website very easily without the use of VPN or any other proxy site even though it is an illegal website.

Various kind of movies are available on this website. Different genre and different era, each and every movie in are all of good quality can be downloaded as well as streamed with the help of this website.


FilmyZilla is another pirated, illegal movie downloading website. This is the one of the oldest pirated websites that helps in downloading Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil and many other movies and TV Shows.

Since it is an illegal website so it is banned in various countries including India. However, this website doesn’t get updated often but it is good. The movie downloading process from this website is very similar to DownloadHub , one need to use VPN or any other proxy website to access to download movies.

The movies are available in very good quality and probably most of the movies are available in this platform. This might be one of the best movies downloading website available currently.


FilmyWap is another illegal online website to download movies, web series and TV Shows of all genres and all eras in really good quality. One has an option to choose the quality one has to download in.

It is basically a torrent site for mobile phone users but movies can also be downloaded from this website as well as in the PC.  To download movies, it provides a torrent link and then it is easy to download.

The website is absolutely free like the rest and is one of the good alternatives for DownloadHub.

4. MovieRulz

This website is an illegal website to download movies in various languages and various genres. MovieRulz can be said that it really rules online downloading websites as it gets updated frequently.

Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Web series in several languages are available in this website. To download movies from this website there are magnetic link as well as download button for people who have registered.

5. o2TVseries

As its name suggest this website not only provide TV Shows from all around the world in several languages but Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu movies and Korean Dramas to download.

It is a very systematic website. Just  search the movie you want to download and then click on download. Movies and shows are all put in different categories and this website is not at all complicated. This website is recommended if you love K Dramas and English TV Shows.

6. 123Movies

If you haven’t heard about this website then you’re definitely living under a rock for all your life, Do I need to give introduction to this website?

123Movies might be the most famous website to download and stream movies. All kind of movies in all languages and print are available on this website. It also has a premium service that provide movies that are not available free. The downloading process is very easy.

As it also provides premium service it is not entirely free but this website is worth visiting.

7. FzMovies

Apart from 123Movies another website that is famous among people is none other than FzMovies. This might be one of the best torrent websites to download and stream movies. Not only movies but also music can be downloaded from this website.

All movies are available on different languages and quality. All the movies are free. As it is an illegal website so there is not just one website as these type of websites gets banned often so several mirror websites are available.

8. 9xMovies

Just like downloadHub this website provide movies from 300 MB. 9xMovies helps in downloading Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu and several other regional movies.

9xMovies is a pirated illegal website for downloading movies. This website has a reputation of leaking several big Bollywood movies. Movies like Chappak and Gully Boy were leaked by this website so you can guess by now how popular this website is for downloading movies.

9. Vidmate

Vidmate is not a website but it is an app for downloading movies, music album and YouTube videos. This app is not available in play store so to get it one has to download its apk from any search engine and later install it in the mobile phone.

This app is a must have if you love music because Albums can be downloaded from this application easily and in very good qualities.

Talking about movies, they are uploaded in the first week of coming into theatres but the quality of movies is not very good but it is free.

10. Showbox

Showbox is another mobile app to download HQ Movies on android. This app is an android version of the famous website Popcorn Time which we are later going to talk about.

Just like vidmate this app is not available in the Google play store but by downloading the  apk it can be installed the mobile phone. Downloading movies is very easy from this in very good quality.

11. Coto Movies

Along with Vidmate and showbox, Coto Movies is another mobile app to watch and download movies from, in High Quality. It is available in android as well iOS versions. By downloading the apk file this app can be installed in the phone.

It was formerly known as Bobby Movies as some people might know it. This is very simple to use and all the movies are arranged systematically.

12. PopcornTime

Popcorn Time is a website as well as an app used to download Hollywood, Bollywood and several other movies of different genres.

It is absolutely free website and mobile app to download and watch movies for free in high quality.

13. Snaptube

We are familiar with the fact YouTube videos cannot be downloaded in the phone, but in the app it can. This app is suitable for downloading movies but the biggest advantage of this app is that YouTube, Twitter, Facebook videos can be downloaded for free on the phone.

This is a very similar app to Vidmate.

14. Stremio

Stremio is an all in one application for PC and mobile phones. By all in one I mean not only YouTube but also live TV and obviously one can download and stream HD Movies and TV Shows.

This is a legal app and website very similar to Kodi and Plex. Stremio app can be downloaded from its homepage. It is very user friendly app but cannot be downloaded on TV directly. One has to cast it on TV but otherwise it is really good.

15. CinemaBox

CinemaBox is an app to download and watch movies for free online in high quality. Hollywood, Bollywood, Web Series and TV series are all available in this app. Music and wallpapers can also be downloaded from this app.

It is a very user-friendly legal app available on Google Play Store with a review of 3.7 but it is not updated from a long time since March 6, 2019.

These are all the 15 alternatives of DownloadHub. This list consists of websites and applications that are worth downloading movies for free. Hope you liked it.

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