$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information error on Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-source or a sandbox video game. No sooner had it been relaesed than it took the gamers-cum-workaholics by storm. It gained popularity at breakneck speed owing to availability of ease of use and presence of umpteen mode. However, the users of late have been encountering an error whilst connecting to the game’s server. Reports pertaining to the occurrence of the error has inundated the developers mailbox and they are moving heaven and earth to fix this ASAP. There are more than 90 million users logging every month and that betrays how popular the game is. The error which the game pops:$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information. Moreover, this error isn’t occurring in a singular server but all.

What causes the$AnnotatedConnectException Error?

Upon receiving the onslaugter of reports from various users, the developers pursued or investigated the issue and fabricated a set of possible solutions and surprisingly, the problem resolved for most of the users. Furthermore, the team delved even deeper to diagnose the exact cause of the error and they published some of them. They are enumerated below

Multiple Ip Address: In some isolated incident on account of the both erroneous IP address as well as the wrong port, the error occurs. When a request is sent to the server, it validates the IP address and the port and if it true, the server approves the request and the connection is established. At times, it so happens that if a user has been assigned a static or un-uniform IP address by their ISP and if the same IP address has been assigned to other user as well then there arises a problem and server gets perplexed as to how come the same IP address is relaying from two different users.

Firewall: It is highly probable the windows firewalls are restricting the connection to the server. To tell the firewall that you trust the connection, you will need to add Java files-cum-directory file to the exclusion list.

Obsolete or old version of java: Minecraft demands the latest version of java for functioning seamlessly and if it senses that the version of java that you are using is outdated, it might pop out some untoward errors on your screen and disrupt your gaming experience. Moreover, latest version comes with bugs improvement and so on and so forth. The obstruction could also be due to the fact that the game launcher is updated to the latest version and the java installed on the machine is of older version. Hence, it will give rise to conflicts and obstruct the connection to the server. So to avoid this, one should invariably bear in mind to keep the java updated to the latest version.

Incompatible Softwares: This could also be one of the reasons for the occurrence of the error. Some software have aversion towards certain some softwares and hence they cause nuisance to other software and thus making it  a nightmare for them to function at their peak.

Viruses: Viruses such as Trojan Horse are harmful for the system and they replicate themselves   with such finesse and craft that it is an impossibility for the antivirus to detect and wipe them out. They work in stealth mode and this could also be of the possibilities that for the occurence error.

How to Fix$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information error on Minecraft

Assuming that you have the rudimentary understanding of  the essence of the cause which causes the error. Therefore, we shall proceed onto the solutions. Bear in mind that you must follow the steps as enumerated, failing to do which can cause malfunctioning of the game. So please ensure that you are following the steps as mentioned.

Solutions are mentioned below

Solution 1: Resetting the Internet

Whensoever you turn on your internet, your ISP assigns you a new IP address. The IP address is static or ever changing. Herein, we will turn off the router in its totality and check if it works. To do that, we will need a couple of easy-peasy steps:

Step 1: Unplug the power source from the router

Step 2: Wait for a minute or 2 and then connect the plug to the power source anew.

Step 3: When the router is on, try establishing the connection the with the server and see if the error recurs.

What this does is that it alters the existing IP address to a new address and if some other user had been assigned the same address, it will reset it and help you connect to the server. Moreover, resetting the router augments the internet speed and when speed increases, the ability of the router to connect to the Internet increases..

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Solution 2: Adding exceptions in Firewall

It is probable that the default windows firewall is blocking the connection to the server. To get rid of this problem, we shall command the windows firewall to allow the Minecraft files to connect to the server. To do that, we shall

Step 1: Open settings

Step 2: Click ‘Update and security ‘

Step 3: Windows firewall>> Firewall & Network protection

Step 4:  Scroll and select ‘Allow an app through Firewall ‘ option

Step 5: Click on ‘Change setting ‘ and tap ‘ Yes’ on the warning prompt

Step 6: Click on ‘ Allow another app ‘ and menu, choose ‘ Browse ‘

Step 7: Go to the installation directory of the game and select game-cum-the launcher application executable files.

Step 8: Imitate the same processes anew but this time go the installation directory where Minecraft servers are installed.

Step 9: Double click on the ‘ Maxwell ‘ folder and thereafter,  ‘MineraftServer’ folder .

Step 10: Allow both the java executable located in the same folder in the manner describe above.

Step 11:  Now do the same but in lieu of selecting the ‘ Allow another app ‘, just scroll down and there you would see a bunch of apps, just allow the ‘ Java Platform SE Binary ‘ from ‘ Private ‘ and ‘ Public ‘ networks.

Step 12: You are all set, just open the Minecraft launcher and see if the issue recurs.

The issue should most prolly not occur owing to the simple rationale that we have commanded the Windows Firewall to pave the way for Minecraft to connect with its server

Solution 3: Adding the IP address and Port

If you happen to use static IP or a temporary address, it will change whenever the user resets the router. Hence , in this step we will check the IP address and rectify the port for the game and add it to the Minecraft launcher.

In order to do that, we will

Step 1: Open command prompt by typing ‘ cmd ‘ into run dialog box and we can also do that by clicking the Start Menu and opening command prompt therefrom.

Step 2: Right click on cmd and click on ‘Run as administrator ‘.

Step 3: In the command prompt window, type ‘ ipconfig ‘ and hit enter key. Scribble the ‘ IPV4 address ‘ somewhere.

Step 4: Furthermore, go to Minecraft servers>> Maxwell>>MinecraftServer and open the ‘ Server properties text document ‘.

Step 5: Note the ‘ Server port’ listed therein. In most of the cases, the number is selfsame as other users but in some isolated cases , the number might be different, though chances are different.

Step 6: Open Minecraft and navigate to ‘ Play Multiplayer ‘ option.

Step 7: Choose the server which you seek to join in by merely clicking on it  and select ‘ Edit ‘ from the below options.

Step 8: The server could be anything but the address must need to be ‘ IPV4 ‘ address that we took note of and the port number as well. ‘ XXX.XXX.X.X: 11898 “; 11898 is the port number and it may vary.

Step 9: Click on ‘Done’. Click ‘ Refresh ‘ and ascertain if the issue persists.

A thing worth remembering is that there are some softwares which are inconsistent with certain fragments of code and files of Minecraft. If you have any such software installed on your computer, uninstall or change the directory of the software. Those softwares are bound to cause conflict , to get away with the problem, uninstall them.

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In a nutshell, the exact cause of the issue is unknown but the causes mentioned above could be the reasons triggering the problem. Afterall , a game is a mound of code, it has billions of lines in it and if it pops outs an error, it is indeed an arduous task to pinpoint the problem and fix the same. At times, the faulty codes are at fault for causing such errors and sometimes, it’s the users’ hardware. Innumerable things factor in and thus, pinpointing the exact cause is difficult. Incidentally, even the developers locate the cause, it is only half resolved.

However, above mentioned methods should work.


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