14 Best PrimeWire Alternatives to Watch Movies And TV Shows

Because of the epidemic, we are all cooped up in our homes, with nothing to do during the day. We’re waking up earlier than usual, and the day feels longer than usual.

Why don’t you catch up on all the current episodes and binge-watch your favourites as we all fight COVID-19 and stand united against it; but no one wants to pay, do they?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for free binge-watching websites. We’ve got you taken care of. So sit back and relax as we provide you with sites that offer free and secure online movie viewing.

These websites provide a variety of choices in terms of language, genre, size, storage, offline accessibility, and more.


From documentaries that will broaden your knowledge and stimulate your intellect to thrillers that will make your heart race, there is something for everyone.

You may binge-watch horror movies with your family or go on a solitary date with their romantic selections; everything is free.

15 Best PrimeWire Alternatives 

So, let’s get started with our picks for the best in town, websites to visit and choose as your go-to site for anything related to entertainment.

1. Movies4k

This is one of the top sites we have on our list today. Its user-friendly streaming interface allows users to watch both online and offline shows and movies.

And the greatest thing is that it is absolutely free and does not require users to register. So, a BIG CHECK on identity security! It also checks the option for many languages, which makes it accessible to a wide range of people.

Its user-friendly operational interface makes it simple to select and stream information all at once. If the content you’re looking for isn’t on the platform, you can ask for it to be uploaded.

The site has reached a new level of popularity among its users thanks to the daily updates function.

The site’s dark design, which offers many streaming quality options, is another important feature. As a result, you may now stream high-quality entertainment while being anonymous.

2. 123Movies

This website is ranked number two on our list of alternatives. This website includes one of the greatest libraries of movies, series, documentaries, and other content anywhere in the globe.

They got it because you said it. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, don’t worry; they’ll recommend the most recent, trending, and most-watched films all at once.

So, the next time you want to watch a movie, just press the play button instead of wasting time choosing one and being disappointed. It’s one of the best locations to go to locate a wonderful film to enjoy.

3. Movies25

If you want to view trending material on the go, we have the perfect website for you. Movies25 has a large range of streaming options.

Making it a popular choice among users, while its lack of registration and ad-free streaming make it the user’s first choice for watching movies.

With their powerful search engine, you may search your information on the fly. It supports a variety of genres, including action, thriller, and comedy.

The website also has details on the film. This site, in addition to the IMDb ratings and other features, is full with surprises for you.

4. SolarMovies

Solarmovie.ph collects all HD content for on-the-go viewing. This time, though, things are different; this site does not save content on its servers.

It instead provides access to live-streaming and download links for the film or other content. Isn’t this a great method to reduce storage issues?

It has a video-searching interface structure that requires users to enter the title of the film in the hunt bar. Then it gives you instant access to the video movie you’ve been looking for!

The several tabs, which effectively separate the contents, include the most well-known, most current, HD video movies, and those coming soon, with the new movie video topping the tab chart.

And if you prefer to read reviews before watching a movie, this site has you covered with its comment section, which allows users to assess the material and assign a rating.


VIOOZ is another free online movie streaming option on our list of alternatives. It’s a diverse collection of rich content divided and grouped under sections such as adventure, horror, comedy, action, thriller, and so on.

These tabs are updated on a regular basis with new content to keep it fresh and current. Another feature that distinguishes it from the competition is that it is a house of surprises for TV show fans.

With its extensive collection, it provides season and episode-by-season streaming, as well as an advanced level search engine box where you can enter all of your tags.

Its popularity is due to its large database, so you’ll never run out of free streaming possibilities. There is also no need to register.

6. Vidics

It is one of the most popular sites for streaming content on the internet. The fact that it is an information gazette distinguishes it from the competition.

From movie information, reviews, and ratings to cast gossip, it’s all here. You’ll find everything you need here; it’s your one-stop shop.

However, in order to stream the latest trends and movies on this site, you must first have a flash drive or DVX player installed. Now it’s time for the special feature.

This site has two sections: one for new releases, which lists future films, and another for scheduled releases, which contains information about the films and their release dates.

7. WatchTVSeries

Isn’t it true that entertainment isn’t just for the movies? As a result, this website is shifting its attention to the streaming of various television episodes.

And, thanks to its algorithm’s constant updating, you’ll never miss a new twist or rumour. With its powerful search engine, you may find your show in a flash.

It categorises all of the content into tabs such as recommended, most seen, and show sharing across several platforms, and there is no need to join up.

It has a massive collection of series and TV episodes that are streamed and updated on a regular basis with newer and older episodes. So, if you want to go back and look for those Easter eggs, they’ve got you covered.

8. Niter

Niter features a lot of movies for you to watch. It’s up to you how many you can watch on a Saturday night while covered under a blanket.

Niter, unlike other streaming services, boasts excellent HD quality. It does not, however, have a large database.

The fact that it allows users to contribute their content and films to the network, exposing them to other users, is one of the characteristics that sets it apart.

The best aspect is that it is absolutely free as long as you own the content and there is no infringement of copyright or other unlawful activity. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it simple to navigate the platform.

9. ZMovies

It is one of the most popular sites for streaming high-quality HD movies, allowing users to watch without any annoyances or interruptions.

It provides a wide range of alternatives for the user, with information organised under several genre sections to meet your needs.

It provides two alternatives for searching for your favourite content, unlike other streaming services.

One is browsing the categories of different types of films, while the other is utilising an advanced search engine box to enter tags and other information.

If the content is not available, an email id can be used to submit a request for the content to be uploaded.

10. Movie2K

If you’re looking for an alternative to 123movies, we’ve created one just for you. With its massive collection of content, you can stream everything from old classics to recent hits to chat about in circles and maybe give movie spoilers and reviews.

This website has everything you need. You can watch the movie in high definition without any restrictions. It provides an ad-free environment, allowing you to view uninterrupted.

Unlike the other streaming websites described previously, this one allows you to request content to be added if it is unavailable.

11. MovieFlixter

The most significant requirement for any site’s popularity is its ad-free content, and we offer the greatest site for you. It provides HD movies for free and without commercials.

The issue of storage for its large database is solved by not storing information on servers and instead delivering links to streaming sites without a lot of switching to different websites.

One of the most notable features is that it makes the UI simple and user-friendly. It also has a variety of search engine options, such as genre selection or newly released and popular items, so you’ll never be left behind.

12. MovieWatcher

Another site for high-definition movie streaming, this one also allows users to download movies for offline viewing at no cost.

Rather than offering direct downloads on its website, it directs customers to other locations throughout the world where they can download the content.

It solely broadcasts high-quality programming. It’s a user-contributed video directory, so it serves as a hub for websites to post links to download various movie and TV show content.

The site’s interface is simple and user-friendly, and it serves as a host for numerous websites that provide download links.

13. Movies4U

It is yet another web-based movie library that provides users with high-quality data information. The fact that it is incredibly user pleasant and supports the user’s security to a high level is what makes it popular.

Everything on movies4u may be streamed for free, whether it’s a movie or a television show. Furthermore, the user interface is straightforward to navigate and contains no spam or fraud.

On the other hand, there are no advertisements on the websites, which contributes to the uninterrupted streaming.

Though you may be need to establish an account in order to access the exclusive content and download or view it.

The platform is great for streaming high-quality content without interruptions or adverts because the form requires very little information.

14. Putlocker9

It is a Putlocker proxy site that provides access to a large number of streaming options from its massive database. It provides videos from a variety of sources and does not require the user to register.

Any new content divergence is well-served by the information provided against each content stream.

The site’s two distinctive areas are the scheduled section, which provides information on the show’s timing and rating, and the request tab, which allows you to request an upload of content you couldn’t locate.


Variety is the spice of life, and your streaming movie and TV show library should reflect that. With these sites at your fingertips, you can easily stream entertainment on the fly while maintaining much-needed privacy.

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