9 Best Alternatives to Snapchat for iPhone and Android

Human Beings are social animals and the means of creating a community for self keeps on changing with time. Until about a decade ago, we were crazy about cell phones, and text messaging was the new high then. Similarly, now we have social media platforms for us.

We are living in times where timelines are shrinking considerably and new communication platforms pop up overnight. What drives this change is our changing ways of communication. We no longer prefer long phone calls and yet want to know the inside out about our friends and the world at large. This is where platforms like Snapchat comes in.

Snapchat, as the name suggests, is oriented towards communication through snaps or pictures and videos. It tells you the story in a visual format and hence making it more interactive. At the same time, it is concise and time-bound, so that one can move on!

It is this key feature of a life span, usually 24 hours, that Snapchat brings is what made it a hype with the millennials and GenZ alike. However, there are many features that this platform lacks and that has led to the birth of its alternatives.

9 Best Alternatives to Snapchat for iPhone and Android

There are many parallel applications that have sprouted which offer features like Snapchat and even more, to meet the demands of the ever-changing younger generation. Here mentioned are the alternatives to Snapchat for both Android and iOS formats.

1. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is an app that is very much alike Snapchat, with its own filters and story sharing features. What makes it unique is its end to end encryption which makes your Wickr ID anonymous. This means that one can share photos, videos and even files and it is all secured thoroughly.

It also has a shredder option which means that the data shared can be erased and without any trace. The only low side of Wickr Me can be the ads that keep on popping in between and might irritate at times. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Snow

Snow is a very funky alternative to Snapchat with its filters and stickers. It is developed by a Korean company Camp Mobile and is popularly used as a selfie app. Snow too, like Snapchat has a fixed life of 48 hours to the messages sent.

What makes it more fun is the plethora of GIFs and beauty filters it has to offer. Snow can be a very fun alternative to Snapchat, making the communication between friends more memorable and hippier.

3. Instagram

Instagram as we all know it, is a photo sharing app primarily. What we overlook are the other options that it contains and which make it a very dynamic alternative to Snapchat.

Its Insta Live function, 24-hour story, and self-destructive data sharing over messaging are some features that can be used fully. It also allows the user to share stories with a selective group of friends and hence increasing the intimacy and more refined communication.

4. Clipchat

A not so popular option to the Snapchat is Clipchat. As is evident by the sound of it, it is very much alike Snapchat, also called its clone. Clipchat offers a very friendly and fancy user interface. You will instantly fall in love with it at the first look.

It brings along all the story sharing and shredding options of Snapchat and at a relatively faster speed. Where it lacks though, is in the form of drawing option. Other than that, it is pretty flashy with its easy to find friends option and a great alternative to Snapchat.


MSQRD or Masquerade is a quirky app that offers filters live, on the go! Very similar to Snapchat, it allows you to add filters while recording a video or clicking a photo. Its internal camera can alter your face and paste quirky filters, all this in real time and in action.

MSQRD has recently been overtaken by Facebook and hence we can expect something more from it. It is a very tipsy alternative to Snapchat that offers a huge variety of filters.

6. Messenger Day

Messenger Day is very much like the Snapchat stories. It is like Facebook’s own Snapchat. The Messenger Day is like a child to the Facebook’s Messenger which is a well-known communication and data sharing platform. With Messenger Day, the 24-hour story format has been incorporated making it almost like Snapchat and a pretty user friendly and no-nonsense platform for connecting with friends.

7. Slingshot

Slingshot lets you sling a shot and let it go! It is very similiar to Snapchat and rather goes a step ahead by disappearing the images you send within seconds. It also is unique in the way that one can create a poll and compare images. It believes in sharing moments and living in them. Slingshot is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

8. YouCam Perfect

This Taiwanese app works on face recognition technology and can create wonders to your image in seconds. Like Snapchat, you can add filters and stickers to make an image look attractive. It has a plethora of beautifying options that can charm anyone and everyone.

9. YoVo

YoVo is an app that works in a similar fashion as Snapchat. The stories disappear in 48 hours here and the filters and emoticons are fancier. What it promises is data privacy while sharing which is a high point of it. A charmer can be the funky look it brings overall.


The market is full of options for the youngsters and professionals alike to form a community and expand their universe. Every person has his or her criteria of likeability and that is what each and every app thrives on.

These were some of the picks that we found as a suitable substitute for Snapchat and there are more. The determining factor is the purpose for which it is being used and the amount of time one intends to spend on it. After all, socialising is not just a choice, but a necessity.

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