Top 10 Torlock Alternatives in 2022

Sharing data and downloading various software, games, movies, music, and ebooks has made Torrent a popular platform.

Tophere are currently a large number of active torrent websites. One of the greatest is Torlock, which provides both high-quality content and fast download speeds among the others.

However, the site is frequently unDone Topavailable. In many big countries, it’s virtually impossible to get to.


In the event that you are unable to access the website, you may want to explore your choices elsewhere on the internet.

Alternatives to Torlock in 2022

Our list of the top ten Torlock alternatives for 2021 is presented in this post for your convenience.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the internet’s oldest and most well-known torrent sites. A number of legal issues have befallen the site previously, yet it continues to thrive today. In the present day, it is a rock-solid platform with millions of users.

In addition to software, games, movies, TV series, music, and other media, Pirate Bay also offers a wide range of high-quality torrents for download.

It has a bare-bones design with just a few buttons and a few lines of text. Currently, the site may be accessed in over 35 different languages, with the majority of users accessing it in English or Swedish.

You can key in your questions in the search box when you arrive at the website. Choose from a variety of different torrent categories by checking the appropriate boxes.

There are more than 20 countries where the site has been blocked. As a result, a VPN may be required in order to access the website.

2. 1337X

Even though it was launched in 2007, the site didn’t really take off until the US authorities shut down Kickass Torrents in 2016.

1337x is currently the second most visited torrent site in 2021, directly behind Pirate Bay. The site offers a well-organized and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

On the home page, you will discover a search box and many subcategories, such as movies, games, music, and documentaries.

Under each of these headings, you’ll find a list of the 100 most popular torrents currently available for download.

Many governments, however, have prohibited access to the site. As a result, using a VPN to gain access to it may be necessary.

3. Torrent Hounds

Another torrent search engine that provides free access to a wide range of media, including movies, games, software, and anime.

You’ll be able to download high-quality files quickly from this site. You won’t have any trouble discovering your favourite torrent thanks to the extensive indexing of all the content.

Previously, magnet links and torrent files were both available on the site. As a result, the site now only offers data in the form of torrents to escape detection.

Due to severe rules, the site currently operates on around 8000 distinct servers around the world and frequently changes its domain name.

4. YTS

A well-known torrent site with a heavy emphasis on video downloads and sharing. These include full-length films, shorts and trailers for television shows as well as documentaries.

The site’s interface is user-friendly, and it prominently displays all of the most recent releases right on the home page. The only thing it doesn’t show is the number of seeders or leechers in a torrent file.

Back in 2010, the company was known as YIFY. In order to deliver high-quality videos in fewer file sizes, a small number of employees ran the company.

They posted content on their own site, as well as on the Pirate Bay and Torrentz, as well as on other torrent sites. The x264 video codec was used to compress all of the files.

As the site grew in prominence, it was subjected to a slew of copyright infringement cases. YTS was thereafter renamed.


This site is completely devoted to providing free access to television and web series. It offers a simple user interface that lets you search for content based on a variety of criteria, including language, popularity, date of posting, and so on.

Additionally, you’ll find a release schedule on the site’s calendar, along with a message board where you may report broken links and other issues.

HD quality and decent download speeds are available for all the most recent shows. It even has an anonymity checker that allows you see if your personal information is available to the public.

Although the service allows you to download one episode at a time, it doesn’t allow you to download full seasons.

6. Zooqle

Zooqle’s database contains a big number of movies and television series. There’s also a tonne of other stuff on there, like games, apps, ebooks, and music.

The site’s style is user-friendly, making it simple to access the information you’re looking for. Files can be selected from a variety of groups, sizes, and resolutions.

Hundreds of new torrents are added to the site every day. Set up an alert to be notified when new releases are available.

Many trackers allow for rapid downloads and less broken links, even though the site is still in its infancy and relatively young.


Founded in 2008, this is another another well-known online resource. It contains a large torrent collection that includes anything from movies and music to games and software.

Despite its archaic appearance, the platform is lightning-fast and a breeze to navigate. The site gives you all the information you need to know about a certain torrentcontent.

To ensure that you’re downloading the proper file and not something else. There are, however, a few negatives, such as the overwhelming number of advertisements that make browsing difficult at times.

A VPN or a mirror site is the only way to access the website in the ten countries where it is blocked, including India.

8. LimeTorrents

If you are unable to access Torlock, Lime Torrents can be a viable option. A wide range of content is available to you on the site including movies, television shows, documentaries, software and more.

The catalogue can be sorted by seeders and leechers, as well as by seed size and release date. It offers a clean and easy user interface, with only a few advertisements on show.

Additionally, it provides you with cloud search, a top torrent list, and a tracker for your torrent’s health.

Torrents that have been around for a long time tend to have fewer seeds than those that are newer. There are, however, more seeds and faster download rates with the newer ones.

9. DownloadingTorrents

An earlier website that indexes various torrent files, such as movies, TV series, games, software, and so on. You can use the numerous filter and sorting options to find the material you’re looking for.

Old or esoteric torrents, such as an application or an out-of-print book that aren’t available elsewhere, can be found here. This site, on the other hand, has been overtaken by the likes of Pirate Bay and RARGB.

10. Apocalypse

However, despite its position at the bottom of our ranking, this is an excellent choice. Many of the most recent releases in the fields of video games, software, and music may be found right here.

Torrent files hosted on the website are almost always verified. Links to pornographic material and harmful malware are also avoided.

The site’s layout is simple and easy to use, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can even participate in a discussion topic with other users.

Despite its popularity, Demonoid has been restricted in several countries throughout the world because of this.


This is why they are the greatest Torlock replacement options that you can use right now. Many of the websites on this list may be restricted in your country of residence.

As a result, the only other option is to make use of a VPN. You should also use an ad-blocker to prevent your computer from being infected by malicious adverts that appear on these websites.

Keeping your security in mind, explore these sites and take advantage of the large selection of free stuff they have to offer.

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