11 Best Tycoon Games: Own the World

A start-up business need not be done in a serious manner. Thinking out of the box is one of the key elements in starting a new business. But to your surprise, before you start a new business you can already visit the world of business through the stimulation games that are available in the gaming world.

It is much easier to have a trailer of your future business just by turning on your PC and play out one of the many tycoon games available out there. The world of the simulation games is huge and hence this makes stimulation games available for every person’s flavor, be it games related to historical businesses, present-day urban planning, or sci-fi space businesses.

11 Best Tycoon Games: Own the World

Here we list down some of the best tycoon games that are available in the market for you to enjoy your gaming world.

1. Youtubers Life

It was difficult to argue until 2019 with the fact that running a Youtube channel wasn’t considered as running a business. But to our surprise, Youtuber’s life was able to put you into the same room as that of a Youtuber who is willing to start a channel with basic equipment available. Being motivated by the views and subscribers and holding confidence in making better quality videos in order to flourish the channel’s growth by building your social media presence.

While on other hand maintaining your social life, your education and last but not least sorting out the problems and find solutions for the same with your employees.

Youtuber’s life was released in 2016 and is available for purchase on platforms like Stream which can be excessed on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, OS X, Android OS, IOS, Nintendo Switch, Linux and your favorite Playstation-4. The video game, Youtuber’s Life is a single player game.

3. Open TTD

Open TTD as the name says is an open source game, developed and published by Open TTD Team. The name was the remake of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, 1995 but with the content and feature upgraded. Open TTD was released on 14th March 2004.

The game’s base reminded with few new elements added to the game. Players are able to extend map’s size, better Al, language support were some additional features that were included in upgrade.

It’s been decades now, Open TTD still holds a strong position in game world. One of the main reasons is due to availability as an open source and to say that the game’s updates and support is released from time to time.

The last update was released in the year 2018. You can find the modified version of the game that could be played by the player outside of the stable released version.

In order to keep your excitement, interest and competitive attitude, the game supports online multiplayers. Moreover players upto 225 can compete with each other’s company. To sum up, we would surely like to recommend Open TTD and the plus point is that the game is free to download.

4. Virtonomics

Virtonomics is a series of multiplayer business stimulating game that is adjoined with Virtonomics Tycoon, Virtonomics Business War and Virtonomics Entrepreneur.

The game is used for the purpose for training development as well as entertainment. Virtonomics is a never ending game with no criteria of win and loose. However, players set their goals to achieve their goals in order to build a successful business. Players are allowed to work in multiple industrial sectors.

Launched in 2006, Virtonomics is available to play online by using a creator’s account. The game is available in multilingual capacity.

5. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is a game where you run as a hospital administrator. Your task is to design, build and manage the hospital. You are responsible to find ways to improve your hospital and staffs. Apart from that you are tasked to find the cure of highly unusual diseases.

Two Point Hospital introduce you to the real environment of hospital without going to medical school. So if u have a dream of running a hospital or want an experience of being a doctor Two Point Hospital is the perfect game for you.

It was released in 2018 and is the successor of Theme Hospital. You can operate the game on Linux, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh systems.

6. SimCity Series

SimCity was developed by Maxis, Aspyr Media, Titled Mill Entertainment, etc., and was published by Nintendo, Maxis, Electronics Arts, etc. The game is available on the platforms such as PSX, PC, DS, PS3, Wii, GBA, etc. SimCity Series were released from 1989-2014.

First debuted in 1989, SimCity Series had several developers and publishers who had hands on game franchise and made it possible to make the video game available on various platforms. SimCity Series paved way to other popular tycoon video games to establish them into the market.

Being one of the oldest game out there since late 1980s, SimCity Series gave many game titles to play. However, the SimCity, 2013 that hit the market had its own rocky launch and issues.

SimCity allows the players to create and build their own city and challenges which will require the players to rebuild parts of city locations.

7. Transport Fever

As the name suggests Transport Fever, the game allows you to become a transportation magnate rather than simply becoming the master of the rail. As you precede the game from 1850 to modern time, your transportation option will also proceed forward. Your task is to provide transportation facilities within and between settlements.

The game also provides you with an option to switch to sandbox mode that allows you to play with your train, planes and boat lines. Transport Fever launched in 2016, allows you to purchase and access the game of various platforms such as Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows.

8. RollerCoaster Tycoon Series

Developed by Chris Sawyer Productions, Nvizzio Creations, n-Space, Frontier Developments, on5 and published by Hasbro Interactive, Atari, Infogames was released from 1999- 2016. The game is available on iOS, PC and Xbox platform.

The series is much like Zoo Tycoon where the players are in control of the theme park and have to design the layout, hire employees, maintain various rides and bring in the businesses.

Unlike Zoo Tycoon where animals are involved, here you’re swapping them out for the rides while maintaining the venture that goes in running a business and operating it smoothly.

Though RollerCoaster Tycoon exchanged hands under different development studios was an IP which was under Chris Sawyer Productions in 1999, the overall game still remains intact. Roller Coaster Tycoon World, launched in 2016, the players build up rides, shops and manages the park while tweaking the visuals with the latest PC platforms components.

The franchise sees no way of slowing down as Atari made it clear for other installments that are currently in work with Roller Coaster Tycoon for Nintendo Switch.

9. Rise of Industry

The Rise of Industry is a game based where the player turn themselves into 20th century’s industrialist. The player has to build and manage an empire by building transport lines and keeping an eye on big things, find the gaps and strike a business deal.

Launched in 2018, Rise of Industry is a very competitive game. You can stream the game on Stream and can purchase and play the game on operating systems like macOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

10. Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager is a stimulating game where you have to team up and manage the team for putting the driver on the podium. The player comes across heavy tutorials in the initial part of the game.

The tutorial will help the player and their team to prepare with all the upcoming racing days and all the tasks such as assembling the team with various rules and regulations required for the sport, voting and the wealth content at every level.

The single-player game was released in 2014 and is available for free on platforms like iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, macOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

11. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars was released on 15th March 2018. The game was developed by Haemimont Games and published by Paradox Interactive. The game is available on various platforms like XBO, PC and PS4.

On Surviving Mars, the players will manage and oversee the colonization of the cold red planet. The players are bound to come across various challenges and are required to pass the obstacles.

Being a city-buildup type game, the players have will to have to come up with strategy elements in order build up and gather resources for maintaining the colonization.


Every year new stimulation games come in the market, however only few make it into top lists. These are some of the games that are listed under the top list of the stimulation games that we recommend you to try if you are into the tycoon stimulation games.

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