VAC Was Unable To Verify The Game Session Error

Value Anti – Cheat (VAC) is an automated system or an anti-cheat software which detects cheats on a player’s computer system. It was first launched with one of the most famous games- COUNTER STRIKE in the year 2002. When the system recognises any third- party modifications to a game on a computer system, it instantaneously prohibits the player from playing that game  in the future and various restrictions are imposed on the player’s steam account. This software was developed as an approach to foster a secure and fair environment for the gamers and check that one player is not given advantage over another.

Oftentimes, VAC generates fallacious positive errors, even when the users have not installed cheats on their computer systems or modified the game in any nature. This causes “VAC was unable to verify the game session” message to pop up on the screen when a new gaming session is initiated by the user.

5 Ways to Fix VAC Was Unable To Verify the Game Session Error

To ensure that your account doesn’t get blocked or banned by VAC and your progress and data are  securely stored, you must denude your computer from modifications and cheats. Nevertheless, if you haven’t installed cheats, here are some ways to fix the “VAC was unable to verify the game session” error.

Method 1 – Log Out of Steam and Log in Again

Sometimes, the operating system or the file management system remodels some of the configuration files or the game files. The VAC system fails to verify such config files or the game files which leads to the “VAC was unable to verify the game session” error. To combat this issue, you can try to Log out of  your steam account and log in with the same details. Altered configuration files will be deleted as soon as you log out and regenerated when you log in.

To log out and log in again, follow the steps given below:

Step 1 – Start the steam application by clicking on the Steam icon in the taskbar, the Desktop or the Start menu.

Step 2 – As soon as it starts, on the top most bar of the window, click on your profile name and then select Log Out of My Account which will be visible in the drop down menu. Follow the instructions given in the dialogue box.

Step 3 – Log in again with your details. You can change your password by clicking on “forgot” incase you don’t remember your details.

“VAC was unable to verify the game session”  error will be fixed if it was due to modification of the configuration or setting files. However, the error will not disappear if you reinstall the game as it will again load the game with the same faulty files. Thus, logging out and logging in is more convincing and effective.

Method 2 – Just Reboot Your Computer

To avoid read – write conflicts, the operating system denies access to the game files used by multiple applications which are supposed to be verified by the VAC system. This results in, “VAC was unable to verify the session” error.

Step 1 – On the leftmost bottom corner of your screen or on the taskbar or on your keyboard, the windows icon must be visible. Click on it.

Step 2 – Click on the power button and choose reboot from the start menu. The operating system will request you to close the ongoing apps. Save the data on the apps you were using and proceed with the reboot.

Step 3 – Check if you can run the game.

Method 3 – Verify Integrity of The Game Files

It can be checked manually whether or not the game files have been installed correctly without any modifications by comparing the description to the one provided by the game developer. Follow the given steps to do that:

Step 1 – From the desktop or the start menu option, run  steam. All your installed games on your system can be viewed by clicking on the Library tab.

Step 2 – Look for the game with “VAC was unable to verify the game session” error. Right click on it and select properties from the displayed options.

Step 3 – Then, click on the Verify integrity of the game files option in the local tab.

Step 4 – This procedure will take some time, considering the size of the game and storage type of your device. It is advisable to clear all the background activities not  related to the steam. This will make the system resources like CPU , RAM or Storage  to work solely on  steam.

Step 5 – As soon as the process finishes, check if you are able to run steam.

Method 4 – Repair the Steam Client

Sometimes the users themselves  possess some mutilated files which trigger “VAC was unable to verify the game session” error. To combat this problem, follow the given steps:

Step 1 – The run dialogue box will appear on pressing the key combination, windows + R. Type cmd into the box to open the command prompt.

Step 2 – Now, copy – “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin\SteamService.exe / repair”

Paste it in the command prompt, excluding the quotes and then press enter.

Step 3 – The SteamService.exe path on your computer system must be indifferent to the SteamService.exe path. If different, change it to the SteamService.exe path.

Step 4 – As soon as the repair finishes , restart your device.

Step 5 – The Steam app might download necessary updates as soon as you open it. Log in with your details , if required.

Now, run the game and check whether “VAC was unable to verify the game session” error has been solved or not.

Method 5 – Exclude Game Directory from Antivirus Scan

As discussed above, the VAC service fails to verify the game files when any other application like an antivirus, has access to the game files in the background. This issue can be combatted by explicitly allowing the game and steam directory,  in order to hinder them from getting scanned automatically. To do so:

Step 1 – At first, click on the antivirus software and start it.

Step 2 – Go to settings and click on the excluded folders list. Add the game directory to the excluded folders list.

Step 3 – Finally, check if you are able to run  steam smoothly

The process is different for every antivirus software.


In conclusion, “VAC was unable to verify the game session”  error, can be an exasperating experience especially when you’re not guilty of any modifications or installation of cheats. You can play your favourite games free from any error, again as this article will help you fix the problem.

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