5 Best Alternatives to Viewster in 2020

In recent times, online streaming (movies, series, TV shows etc.) has become a part of our routine and that is why it felt sad to know that one of the most popular streaming websites i.e. Viewster.com was taken down in 2019 due to some unknown reasons and now when you try to find it, it redirects to a similar website named CONtv. Viewster was a profound streaming website having lots of movies, TV shows, and other videos from several partners. Also, it was legal and free to use the website.

You could watch the movies and the shows from the website, the mobile app etc. Though, as it got shut down few other streaming sites got into the game which also provides you with a lot of movies, TV shows, and even there a room for anime lovers because anime has become inevitable.

5 Best Alternatives to Viewster in 2020

So, here are a few websites which will provide you with a similar streaming experience like Viewster did, whereas some of them might cost you a few bucks for a long term experience.

1. Hidive.com

The first in the list is hidive.com. This one is exclusively for all the anime lovers out there. You can find and watch from over 500 series, movies, and OVAs (Original Video Animation) and in case you don’t find one of your favourites, all you need to do is send them a content request and voila! Now you have your favourite anime streaming on hidive as well.

Hidive provides you with a 30-day free trial and if you love it then you just have to pay a few bucks to get your subscription. Well, that’s not it! They have some other impressive features like switching between censored and uncensored anime, change the colour of your anime subtitles, and even chit – chat with your fellow fans while streaming in HD.

Apart from all this, the best feature for me is “simulcasts”. Isn’t it fascinating to watch the anime as they are streamed live? Furthermore, there are dubs (dubbed anime) available. So, you can watch your picks in your preferred language or if you don’t want to do that there are subtitles available. With all these great efforts put in by the team hidive, it shows that they have stood up to their motto, “Watch where you want”.

2. Popcornflix.com

Popcornflix has been the popular streaming website for a few years now. It provides you with a wide category of movies, TV shows and viral videos. Their landing page is inundated with loads of movies from each and every category mentioned i.e. new arrivals, most popular, popcornflix originals, drama, comedy, romance, and many more as you surf down the page. They also have many stand – up comedy shows and Espanol (shows in the Spanish language) listed there just like the cherry on top.

In Fact, there are many categories available for TV shows to choose from, and if you will explore the viral videos section you will know that they have many videos listed under the categories FailArmy, The Pet Collective, and People are Awesome. The creators have done a marvellous job by giving a short story of every movie or TV show when you choose one of them to watch, which makes it match the level of well-known websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to some degree.

Moreover, apart from the website itself, these movies and shows can be watched using apps available on Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS devices. You can also watch them on Apple TV, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku etc. Unlike hidive.com, Popcornflix does not fetch you anything for a short or long duration. It is your choice if you want to sign up or not and if you don’t, still “No movie is more than two clicks away”, as the team promises.

3. Movies123.pro

Movies123.pro is yet another commonly used streaming website. As soon as you open the website there is an enormous search bar for you to search any movie or TV show you would like to watch or you can simply click on the go to homepage button and choose from tons of available movies or series. On the top navigation bar of the website, there are a few options available like genre, movies, TV series, top watched, top IMDB etc.

They have presented more than 20 genres from action, adventure, biography, documentary, horror, musical, to sci-fi, sports, sitcom, mythological, and whatnot. Just name it and you can find it there! One more intriguing fact is that, not only it also has a short story of all the content out there like Popcornflix.com but additionally, they have provided an IMDb rating and a bit more details for all of them which we ordinarily look for when exploring for the good stuff to watch.

Interestingly, you can also download whatever you choose to watch and watch it over and over again if you like. Movies123.pro does not cost you even a penny as well. With that being said, not to forget that there are quite a few parallels available throughout which might be illegal as well. So, taking that in consideration you are free to visit the website and enjoy the streaming experience in High Definition.

4. Tvmuse.cc

Tvmuse.cc is what we have next up in the series. This website is more dedicated to TV shows than movies as the name itself hints. There are plenty of variations provided for TV shows which you will find as you visit the website. Starting from what was added later the shows are displayed in the chronological order on the homepage. You can either find your ideal pick from there or search for one yourself.

The same shows are also represented in alphabetical order (A-Z) under the TV-listing option. TV schedule or Calendar is for the knowledge of which episode of which show is coming up or has lately been added in a date-wise arrangement. Movies can be chosen from the movies section according to the genre of your preference. All the shows and movies can be streamed online or downloaded to be enjoyed later.

Since Tvmuse was taken down earlier and they lost their domain then, so Tvmuse.cc is the new domain which is being updated now and then and the updates are also recorded for their fans and users. Again, due to this some shows or movies might not be available on the website but all you need to do is submit your request and they will get it onboard for free in no time. With all the great services provided by the website, there is one annoying thing that it redirects you to another website whenever you click on anything on the page but apart from that, this is a great option for TV series fans.

5. Sidereel.com

Last but not least we have sidereels.com solely for TV show lovers. It lets you explore more than hundreds of engaging TV series and stream them online. As you land on the website it shows you the top shows of the month categorised according to their genres like top dramas or top comedy shows with their average rating. You can pick through more than 50 genres under the genres section or simply go and search for a series yourself.

Sidereel also has the feature to track down your most loved TV shows. The calendar is provided which comprises the schedule of live shows from various channels and shows. So, you can check when your favourite show will be on air. Articles associated with shows are also available on the website which will tell you about the gossip all around and the stuff that is in trend. Just like other websites suggested above this one also gives you a summary of the chosen show and its rating as well.

Though the website is not that engaging by appearance still it has got tons of quality shows for its users. Users are allowed to rate the shows according to their opinion and even if there is any blunder about any show, users can simply report the creators and they will look into it. You can even create your account for free, and stream your picks effortlessly.


Summing up the article I just want to say that choose the website according to your interest and convenience because not all of them are free for long durations and not all of them stream anime, TV shows, movies etc all together. So, look up for what you are interested in and simply go to the link given and enjoy streaming your favourite movies, shows, anime or whatever you like.

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