Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict in Windows 10

Is your computer exhibiting an error “Windows has detected an IP address conflict”? If yes, then it means that there is another device with an IP address same as yours. If this situation arises then it means that there is some problem with your PC settings or in your router. It will give rise to various complications as an IP address is a unique way to identify your computer when connected to a network.

If more than one device has the same IP address it would be next to impossible for the network to differentiate them. To simplify the above written paragraph let’s take an example. The above problem is like person A and person B having the same fingerprints.

If person A shoots someone and his fingerprints are left on the gun then person B can also become a suspect. God knows he can get life imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. Thankfully, the police conduct a much more detailed investigation but you get the drill, right?

How to Fix Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict in Windows 10

Well your problem isn’t that scary but having same IP address is kind of the same thing. But fret not! The solutions are very easy, read on for some quick fixes to solve this issue.


Windows command prompt feature has been an essential part of windows for such a long time that it feels like eternity. There has been much hearsay that it will be faltered soon but this information is quite dubious since it has proven itself to be extremely beneficial.

And Surprise! Surprise! It will come in handy to solve the IP address issue.

STEP 1:- Start with clicking Windows + R.

STEP 2:- Type cmd and then enter. A command prompt box will open displaying your current username.

STEP 3:- Type Ipconfig/release and press enter. This will release the IP address the router has given to your computer.

STEP 4:- Hit the up arrow to save the trouble of keying in Ipconfig again. Change /release to /renew and hit enter. It will take some moment and then viola! It will grab a new IP address. Watch out for DNS Address Could Not Be Found Error.

Pay heed that this is your local IP address not the one designated by your internet service provider (ISP). This is internal only.

Even if it picks up the same IP there is a good chance that it is going to refresh or renew that lease giving you a better chance at solving those connectivity troubles.


The router assigns the IP address to every device connected to the network. It is plausible that the router was not able to provide a unique IP address to your device which resulted in you getting the error message.

Do not dread about it, keep reading to solve it.

STEP 1:- Search for the power button on your router and switch off the device by pressing on the router. This will cut off the network temporarily.

STEP 2:- Wait for some time, a minimum of 20 seconds or a maximum of 5 minutes for the router for the network to turn off properly.

STEP 3:- Turn on your router.

Your problem should be resolved.


STEP 1:- Hit the Windows + R key simultaneously. A run dialog box will show up.

STEP 2:- Type ncpa.cpl and press the OK Button. By doing this, network connection window will open.

STEP 3:- Now, if you are using Wi-Fi right click on Wireless Network Connections or if you are using wired internet connection then use right click on Local Area connection. Click properties in the drop down menu which pops up.

STEP 4:- After that, double click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4). A new dialog box will appear and in that mark Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server automatically options. Now press Ok.

STEP 5:- Try restarting your device and the error should be gone.


IPv6 increments the available number of IP addresses and ameliorates IPv4 routing as well as its network configuration abilities but there are chances that the error is appearing due to it.

To disable it, follow the steps given below:-

STEP 1:- Click on Windows key + R simultaneously. The run box will pop up.

STEP 2:- Start keying in ncpa.cpl in the blank bar and press enter.

STEP 3:- Now, right-click on local area connection and left click on properties.

STEP 4:- Then, unmark Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6) and press OK.


STEP 1:- Start with pressing the Windows Key + R.

STEP 2:- After that, type ncpa.cpl and click enter. You need to look out for Network Adapter Missing Error.

STEP 3:- Now, Right click on Wi-Fi. You will have to click on Disable that shows in the drop box which opens on pressing right click to halt the Wireless Adapter on your device.

STEP 4:- Right click once more on Wireless Adapter and press Enable from the drop box. The network adapter on computer will now restart.


I sincerely hope this article proved to be resourceful and beneficial for you to solve “Windows has detected an IP address conflict” and now you have one less thing to worry about in your life.

With this knowledge help your friends and family so that they can also reap it’s benefits and get labeled as a tech prodigy. Feel free to read this article as many times as you want, follow the steps carefully and do not skip even one of them. Hopefully, any one of the five methods listed will work out for you.

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