11 Best Free Spotify Music Downloader

Spotify is a platform that streams digital music as a service. It provides access to millions of songs, podcasts as well as videos from artists all around the world. Apple Music can be considered an example.

Spotify is instantly winning because the music content it provides can be accessed for free by signing up using an email address or even by linking your Facebook account.

In case the monthly membership doesn’t interest you due to its fee charged for the Spotify Premium, you can test its quality of service by not committing to any premiums and by simply enjoying its free service.

In a nutshell, the free version is ad-supported just like radio stations. The free version of Spotify can be easily used on Personal Computers, Laptops, and even on Mobile phones. In order to avail the full services associated with Spotify a Spotify Premium membership has to be bought.

Although Spotify does give us quick access to more than a million songs without availing the Spotify Premium Membership, it also has certain restrictions. It can affect our experience of listening by limiting the quality of music played. Prolonged and boring ads in between keeps popping up several times and many other limitations.

By putting us through this constant torture of never-ending ads they basically want us to pay for the Spotify Premium Membership in order to avoid such inconvenience.

If we do pay, we automatically get the right to download and access high-quality songs and other music playlists. But there is a famous saying “ Every Problem comes with a solution” and the solution to this problem of paying for Spotify Premium can be solved by an application often called Spotify Downloader.

Now the question arises, Can Spotify Downloaders really download Spotify Music and Playlists without having to pay for it? If yes, then which applications are they? We have brought the answer to all of these questions regarding the Spotify Music Downloader here in this article.

11 Best Free Spotify Music Downloader

Since there are a number of Spotify Music Downloaders available on the internet. It can be a challenging task for you to decide on which Spotify Music Downloader to rely on for the long run. So after doing research on most of the best Spotify Music Downloader, we have come up with a Supreme List of The Best Spotify Downloaders of all time.

This which will help you download your favorite songs and Music playlists without having to pay for the Spotify Premium Membership. Read on to find out more about them!

1. Deezloader Remix (High-Quality Mp3)

Deezloader Remix is an application through which you can download music, albums, and other playlists of your choice all from individual software. It is available for Mac users, Linux users, and Windows users.

While most of the Spotify downloader apps that are available on the internet function as a Recorder which doesn’t provide Good quality Mp3. This Deezloader remix software allows you to download good quality Spotify Music in Mp3 format with a rate of 320 Kbps bit and it is absolutely free to use as well.

2. AllTomp3 – Windows, Mac, and Linux

This is another absolutely free Spotify Music downloader, but the plus point this platform has is that it has a downloading tool that allows you to download music and playlists from many more sources including Spotify, SoundCloud, and youtube.

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This Spotify Music Downloader provides you Spotify MP3 music files that are compatible with YouTube videos and downloads them in the required format. This practice will make things simpler for you, but the quality of the songs will not be as great as it can be using the above method.

If you are looking for an application that works as an MP3 converter for Spotify, then this is the one for you in case you are okay with compromising the quality of the song.

3. SpotyDL

This application has been successfully functioning since the year 2013 and is reportedly said to be the oldest Spotify Music Downloader. This Spotify Music Downloader is available for users having Windows, Mac, and Linux. This application provides a few options to enjoy your music without an internet connection: the download mode in it can be used in order to get the desired song in mp3 format (you can browse for songs in Mp3 format on the internet in order to find out the song you like), or this application even provides an option called record mode so that you can record the audio you are currently listening to, but this can compromise the quality of the music.

Since SpotyDL has had some legal issues regarding development it currently does not have the support of a Development team. So there might be a chance that this application might not work for you, in case it doesn’t then go for the other options mentioned in this list in order to download Spotify Music.

4. Spotify Downloader for Android, iOS, and PC (Telegram Bot)

If you have already used the application Telegram, then you probably know how easy telegram bots are. Trust me when I tell you that Telegram Bots can be used as Spotify Music Downloaders too.

What we want here is known as @SpotifyMusicDownloaderBot and does not require any kind of setup or personal information. You just have to type  / start and the bot will start working.

After that, you just have to post the link of the Spotify track and then the bot will provide you with the Ready to download the music file. It is available to use on all the platforms that support Telegram.

5. Spotify Music Downloader – Chrome Extension

This is a software for Spotify Music downloader in MP3 format for Chrome. In short, it works on any device available which has access to the google chrome extension. This Spotify Music Downloader is capable of downloading music from various other platforms like Soundcloud including Spotify.

This application is easy to use as google chrome is that one thing in the entire world about which everybody knows and hence if you consider using quick and simple ways to download Spotify tracks then this is the one for you.

6. Playlist Converter (Online)

Playlist Converter is one Spotify music Downloader which is different from other music downloaders in this list we have clubbed here for you, as this is an online site where you can simply copy-paste the links of Spotify music you want to download, simple typing can also do the trick but you must have a Spotify Account.

This platform can be used to download sites from various other sources like youtube and Soundcloud.

7. TunesKit Music Converter for Spotify

It is the type of Spotify song downloader that helps any Spotify user being free or a premium member to download any track, album, artist, and playlist from Spotify for offline availability.

It has the capability of saving downloaded Spotify songs in MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC as well as many formats without losing the good quality. Simply by clicking once on the download button, you can download any Spotify track with the original ID3 tag protected at 5 times more speed.

You can also modify the quality of the output music by setting the audio codec, bit rate, and sample rate to suit your needs.

8. KeepVid Music

Keepvid Music is also known by the name iMusic. It provides the option of downloading and sharing music from various platforms like Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, and the list goes on, while using this is simple and quick, it also preserves the high quality of the music downloaded which is a great plus point.

In addition to Spotify music download, it can also be used as a music recorder to record any song playing on your PC. In case you want to Transfer music files and playlists between iDevices using iTunes, Keep‌vid Music will do it for you right away.

9. Spotiload ( former Spotify VK Downloader)

Formerly known as Spotify VK Download‌, it has now been renamed Spotload. To be specific, it’s truly a Chrome extension that utilizes the vk.com social network to download Spotify playlists in order to save them to MP3 file format. You can easily find it in the extensions section of Chrome.

After installing, you need to create a vk.com account and login. Then go to Spotify and look for the music and playlists you want to download. From the toolbox of SpotiLoad, you just have to select music files and proceed to the download button, and you will have your downloaded music in a matter of minutes.

10. Mpefy.com Online Spotify Downloader

Mp3fy.com is the latest online Spotify music downloader that is capable of supporting more than 1000 music streaming sites like Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube, Google Music Play, Wine, etc.

It has the strength to download and convert Spotify music, album, and playlists to MP3 format in a matter of seconds. Apart from Spotify, it can also be used to download unlimited videos.

11. TunesKit Streaming Audio Recorder

TunesKit Audio Recorder is an all-rounder in terms of an audio recording software produced by TunesKit Studio. It is capable of assisting Spotify users in order to simply record any song and playlist while preserving its high quality for free.

Rather than downloading the music tracks, recording technology is used by this platform to record Spotify music which is then saved them in MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B on any device preferred by you offline.

TunesKit Streaming Audio Recorder has the capability of downloading multiple music files at the same time and the ID3 tags of Spotify music will be preserved and adjusted automatically after its done recording.

The ID tags can be edited as per your requirement and this application also supports the recording of other sound files that you may want to record from your computer.


Choose the perfect Spotify Music Downloading Application based on how fast you want your music files downloaded and how high quality you want the music to be. You can also opt for other options like Mp3fy.com and Keepvid Music in case you are looking to download music files and playlists from other platforms. Have fun enjoying music with these Spotify Music Downloaders.

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