What Is Windows Modules Installer Worker & How to Fix It’s Issues

Windows Modules Installer Worker is a process in which installation, modifications, removal or acceptance of windows updates and some other optional things enables according to their services. Once this feature is enabled, it automatically installs systems updates via windows update in Windows 10.

This whole process is known as Windows Modules Installer Worker on the normal Windows 10, its file name is known as TiWorker.exe. You all must have heard your computer’s fans spin up and you sometimes feel it getting hotter for no such reason. You check the Task Manager and you might see “Windows Modules Installer Worker” using a lot of CPU.

Microsoft releases its updates every second Tuesday of every month on “patch Tuesday”. They also releases updates on other days, if it is important. If this is using a lot of your CPU then it most likely means that your computer has automatically downloaded new updates from Microsoft.

Sometimes you may have to restart you device to install these updates and sometimes you don’t have to, but when you are working on your computer, side by side in the background the updating process must be going on and it will not disturb your work. You can use your PC while it is updating.

Why Is Windows Modules Installer Worker Using So Much CPU?

If the usage of CPU is high occasionally from the Windows Modules Installer Worker process on Windows 10 then it is normal, but if it is regular then it is a bad news. When you allow Windows Modules Installer Worker to run, it will eventually finish and stop using CPU. But if you don’t allow it to run, the process again after sometime will start.

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This process will finish and it will disappear from the desktop or running processes or tabs in Task Manager. The duration of the updating process depends on the speed of your computer’s CPU. It also depends on the storage of your device, as well as the number of updates it needed to install.

Sometimes it takes hours to finish the process and sometimes it takes few minutes depending on these factors only.

Can I Disable It?

Yes, anyone can disable this process. However disabling Windows Modules Installer Worker our computer will not get the latest updates and eventually it will not get all the new bug fixes or improvements.

We will sometimes see some online advertisements popping up which will advise us to disable it to prevent it from happening. But this will eventually lead to not getting proper updates and improvements for your device.

Similarly, sometimes you may also get some online recommendations of ‘setting your network connection to metered’ which will automatically stop Windows 10 from downloading and installing all these new updates.

This setting will automatically prevent Windows Modules Installer Worker from activating or to start its process, but your computer will not install these critical security updates. For fixing the bug patches one should not avoid all these updates.

Avoiding operating system updates is dangerous and one would not be able to take proper advantage of it, so we don’t recommend disabling Windows Modules Installer Worker.

You can also install the updates manually but it will eventually run after the manual update also. It’s better to get rid of the mouse and allow the Windows Modules Installer Worker process to do its work. This is just how it works and it is for our own benefit.

Is It A Virus?

No, the Windows Modules Installer Workers process is completely safe. It does not contain any virus or any harmful activity which can harm our device. This process is a part of Windows itself. Till now we haven’t seen any report regarding it.

Even if you are not sure about it then you can always run a scan with your preferred antivirus program to check if anything amiss. This is a safe and reliable process of fixing bugs and improvements to the older version of it. Every time by installing updates we make our computer a newer version and some new settings and options for doing the same thing in a more creative and convenient way.

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If You Think Something Is Wrong

Although the process is completely safe still precautions are always good. But if you think that something is really wrong- that the Windows Modules Installer Worker process has been churning away for hours or maybe you think it just runs too frequently on your PC then you don’t have to panic, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take.

This step would really work well for solving your problems. But it will not help if everything is normal, if the process is just running for normal reasons. The process can potentially fix all the problems with Windows Update and the Windows operating system itself that could cause issues with the Windows Modules Installer Worker service.

The Windows Update troubleshooter can find the problem or if something is wrong and it will fix the problem with Windows Update that can cause issues to occur.

To run it on Windows 10 we have to first go to our settings and there we have to choose the option Update and security then we will choose troubleshoot and Windows Update option and then we will run the troubleshooter.

Then the troubleshooter will recommend something if something is wrong so we have to fix it accordingly. If the troubleshooter does not suggest anything it means there is nothing wrong but if you still have a doubt then we can also try using the SFC or DISM tools to scan our computer for any corrupted file or missing system files.

In the end, if every method and every way fails then the last thing you could do is to restart your PC to its default factory state and starting over with a fresh operating system. This will definitely work for the system to get back to normal.

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